Allow Me to Introduce Myself

If  someone were to ask my why I loved fashion and wanted to be part of the industry, I would tell them it’s because Lara Stone covered in blood, Alexander Wang, cigarette in one hand, the other on a bloody burn victim, is stunning, relevant, and worthy of  French Vogue.


Photos | Steven Klein French Vogue April 2009

I would tell them I want to the industry of analysis and stream of mind for those who romanticize about dressing.

Fashion is restless and consuming. Why I love fashion is difficult to narrow, if asked inspirations and icons, it’d be anyone from Rei Kawakubo, Jeurgen Teller, Hannah MacGibbon, Lou Dillion, Julie Delphy to the little old lady sitting next to me on the bus.

I love fashion because of people like Hussein Chalayan, the thrill of his fashion shows, and they way his clothes make Björk look on the cover of Post. I love that Karl Lagerfield loves Chan from Cat Power as much as I do. I love that fashion mags quote people saying duct tape on your jacket doesn’t fly, unless it’s done by Chanel.

I love fashion because looking at Terry Richardson’s NY Dolls brought tears to my eyes and is absolute perfection.

ny dolls 1

ny dolls 2

Photos | Terry Richardson Nippon Vogue April 2009

That’s what fashion does, surprises, inspires, continuously. Fashion is anything but stagnant, the industry is dynamic. Fashion is psychological. It is like a game of lost and found. It’s something like if you’ve thought you couldn’t possibly be forced to endure another pair of “wet leggings”, worn as pants none the less, 6126 will drop a pair so surprising even the biggest hater couldn’t hate. But then again as much as I love Lindsay Lohan and her leggings, she was recently appointed as creative director for Ungaro. I guess fashion will always require a strong sense of humor and irony.

That is what is so interesting about fashion. Marc Jacobs once said his clothes were not sexy and described a new blouse he loved as dumb, frumpy, dowdy and fucked up . He said his clothing could easily leave a girl with the wrong attitude, the wrong body, and without the right wink, leave a girl looking a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire.

Fashion gets Jay-Z rapping about Maison Martin Margiela, and if that isn’t magical, I don’t know what is.


One response to “Allow Me to Introduce Myself

  1. Love your website Suedefoot! Great commentary on fashion and why it inspires you : )

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