S.O.S. She’s in Disguise

Now I’l be the first to admit I like the song “She Wolf”. I’ll be the first to admit i have once and will continue to put it on repeat, but the video is another story. I’m left feeling slightly confused and embarrassed for Shakira, seriously. The flesh colored body suit would be tolerable I guess, if she wasn’t in a cage, doing a Cirque de Soleil performance, while howling. Although she is not quite as frightening as Lady Gaga, I was actually wondering if she was part animal afterwards… If you go back to a few of her earlier hits, she was howling in those too. (‘Whenever, Wherever’ for example). Then the cage performance and her cave mission end and last thirty seconds of the video she is doing some extremely  awkward dance moves in a body-suit, that could have only been loaned from Mariah, on a rooftop with San Francisco in the background. I hardly think a She Wolf would be dwelling in San Francisco. Enough said.

Picture 41


One response to “S.O.S. She’s in Disguise

  1. love it. rad.

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