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50 Things To Blog About: No. 9

i love halloweem

witches, vampires, and, black cats
the best time of year.



If suedefoot were a talk show…

With a name like suedefoot, if the blog turned into a talk show, it would of course require being called something weird like , Suedefoot After Dark, or something equally as creepy. The ‘suedefoot talkshow’ would definitely be on late night and there would be no house makeover tips or any take-home fat free cheesecake recipes. Instead, we would spend thirty minutes of our time together interviewing silly celebrities and  making fun of things. However, we would not be as ridiculous at The Soup and slightly less obnoxious than Chelsea Lately. I would guess that there would be a lot of talk about vampires, discussing True Blood and totally making fun of Twilight. We’d definitely be promoting good music and strive to promote our favorite lines  in hopes of keeping some of the shwag. If I had to guess, I’d say one of Suedefoot After Dark’s first tasks would most likely be stalking Lindsay Lohan until she agreed to appear and then we would go ahead and ask her what they are smoking over at Ungaro and then force out the inside scoop on Mean Girls II.

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A View From The Bay Day

Last Tuesday, we were lucky enough to take a field trip and sit in on a live taping of ‘View From the Bay’ at the ABC studios in San Francisco. It was very fun to be on live television smiling and clapping happily in the audience. The View From the Bay staff were extremely enthusiastic about the audience whooping and hollering and if you weren’t having fun, at least pretending like it was the most fun you’ve ever had. Last Tuesday’s episode was also really special because we got to be on the show with Alicia Silverstone as the main guest! Alicia showed up looking spectacular, really pretty and in great shape. She was on the show promoting her new book The Kind Diet. For those of you who don’t know, Alicia has been a vegan for 11 years and is preaching her new lifestyle to the world through her book offering yummy recipes and commentary on how her going vegan changed her whole life. She was there in celebration of the books release  last week and also signed copies of it at Book Passage after the show. You can watch Alicia speaking about the book here… “The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet”.

As if Alicia wasn’t reason enough to be excited about View From the Bay, Spencer and Janelle were  a pretty funny couple, they made us giggle a few times. Talk shows are pretty hysterical, when the host is extremely excited about scarves, metallic lighting, and vegan tacos they start convincing you that you are too. Even if you were not excited, the View From the Bay audience was surprisingly small so they could easily force their creepy T.V. grin and eye contact on you until you laughed. All in all it was an eventful trip we learned how to dress our men for fall , hear the host of TLC’s While You Were Out, Evan Farmer, talking about his renewed love of carpet, and answer questions about Alicia on commercial breaks in hopes of wining a copy of her new book.

If you feel like a ‘Tranny’ a lot of the time…you just might be one.

If you thought Fox News was worthless, this should change your mind. Fox News, bless their hearts, wrapped up Allure’s interview with Lively for us and saved us the task of actually going out and spending our hard earned money  on a publication such as Allure Magazine. I’m 87% sure that I am not the only one who’s ever wondered Blake’s original gender and Blake seems a little confused about her gender herself admitting, “I Feel like a Tranny A Lot of the Time”.  Not only did she say she feels large and like a “man” a lot of the time, she also was quoted by Allure saying, “I’m blonde, and I have a small dog, so I try to avoid looking like a piece of bubble gum”. Hmm,  Is she a tranny or just an idiot?

blake lively blake lively

Blogs Go Mad For Paris

I don’t know if it’s Paris Fashion week or disneyrollergirl’s reports of vintage finds on day trips to Paris that’s got me itchin’, but Paris is calling!  It also doesn’t help when I revisit what all the bloggers posted when Little Break, Big Difference took them to Paris in search of the best blog-worthy finds and vintage shops. Everytime I read this stuff I want to go immediately. It’s pretty torturous and anyone who says we’ve got it going on out here in San Francisco is absurd, the only thing we’ve got is no. 2 on the Smartest City list, enough said.

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AF Vandevorst Is At It Again Working Those Pantyhose Like Nobody’s Business

I think Nicole Phelps said it best, “They didn’t invent innerwear as outerwear—that somewhat dubious honor probably goes to Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier—but it is a significant aspect of their oeuvre, and tonight they worked it like nobody’s business”.

I read a review of this show that compared it to “Post British War nostalgia”, it couldn’t be more fitting.  Who knew you could go so far with sheer pantyhose? Now it’s a toss up for my Paris 2010 fav.

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Ben Watts’ Latest Snapshots

I don’t know about yall but I’m excited because Lickshot, Ben Watt’s latest book came out today and The Moment just posted an interesting interview with Watts by Stepehen Heymen. In his second photo journal (His first was Big Up in 2004), he continues to bring out the character behind the subject and present them in their ‘natural habitats’. Watts’ philosophy is, “Before we were celebrities — or before we are anything — we are people. We have character or we develop character — we are a character”. Watts tells us why he chose Heath for the cover of the book and for the ending imgage and tells us why there are no nudey pics in the whole book. Apparently the book is nitty gritty and certainly not a glossy affair. In other interview with Ben, Ingrid Sischy tells him, “I think the boxing metaphor works for how you approach your pictures. You throw a right here, a left there. You go for a knockout. And you’ve made a kind of sport out of photography…Your subjects don’t just stand there and say ‘cheese”.

photos by Ben Watts | Slickshot October 2009