Ben Watts’ Latest Snapshots

I don’t know about yall but I’m excited because Lickshot, Ben Watt’s latest book came out today and The Moment just posted an interesting interview with Watts by Stepehen Heymen. In his second photo journal (His first was Big Up in 2004), he continues to bring out the character behind the subject and present them in their ‘natural habitats’. Watts’ philosophy is, “Before we were celebrities — or before we are anything — we are people. We have character or we develop character — we are a character”. Watts tells us why he chose Heath for the cover of the book and for the ending imgage and tells us why there are no nudey pics in the whole book. Apparently the book is nitty gritty and certainly not a glossy affair. In other interview with Ben, Ingrid Sischy tells him, “I think the boxing metaphor works for how you approach your pictures. You throw a right here, a left there. You go for a knockout. And you’ve made a kind of sport out of photography…Your subjects don’t just stand there and say ‘cheese”.

photos by Ben Watts | Slickshot October 2009


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