If suedefoot were a talk show…

With a name like suedefoot, if the blog turned into a talk show, it would of course require being called something weird like , Suedefoot After Dark, or something equally as creepy. The ‘suedefoot talkshow’ would definitely be on late night and there would be no house makeover tips or any take-home fat free cheesecake recipes. Instead, we would spend thirty minutes of our time together interviewing silly celebrities and  making fun of things. However, we would not be as ridiculous at The Soup and slightly less obnoxious than Chelsea Lately. I would guess that there would be a lot of talk about vampires, discussing True Blood and totally making fun of Twilight. We’d definitely be promoting good music and strive to promote our favorite lines  in hopes of keeping some of the shwag. If I had to guess, I’d say one of Suedefoot After Dark’s first tasks would most likely be stalking Lindsay Lohan until she agreed to appear and then we would go ahead and ask her what they are smoking over at Ungaro and then force out the inside scoop on Mean Girls II.

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sketch| tobaccoandleather.com

One response to “If suedefoot were a talk show…

  1. I like your talk show concept post better than your review of View from the Bay – the latter was a bit clinical and lacked your fun personality. You put more thought into your talk show post – and I really enjoyed that. B+

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