Taylor Swift is Prejudice, Linsday Lohan Likes Boys Again, and Fox News Proving Their Worthiness.

Here is a list of juicy little tid-bits taking place in social media and news this week. I’ve gladly rated them for everyone in the following categories: High Brow Brilliant, High Brow Despicable, Low Brow, but still Brilliant, and Low Brow Despicable.

Taylor Swift is a Nazi! Anyone surprised? You can interpret for yourself what her costume is and why “JW” is painted on her dress. | rating: Low Brow Despicable

Paris Hilton’s latest album was no. 6 on billboard 200 list. She has her own Record label and is going on tour. Enough Said.
| rating: Low Brow Despicable

This Halloween Hiedi and Spencer Pratt dressed up as possibly the only other couple on this earth  that are more annoying and revolting as they are.
|rating: Low Brow, Despicable

Yay! Finally, Lindsay Lohan isnt stalking Samantha Ronson anymore.  She’s stalking boys again, “Lindsay is back on the Penis!”

| rating: High Brow, moderately intelligent

Everyone can stop pacing and biting their nails because Britney finally released her new music video this week! Incase you don’t know or can’t take a wild guess the song, 3, is about having a three-some.  One day her boys are going to be so proud.
| rating: Low Brow Despicable

German based, LOVE magazine released their second issue. | rating: High Brow Brilliant

Pixies are on tour this year celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Doolittle album. Next week they are coming to the Bay Area and doing a three day back to back show Sunday, Monday, and Teusday night at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. I cannot remember when the last time I was this excited about something ever, seriously.
| rating: High Brow Brilliant

The new Michael Jackson movie broke records this weekend, This Is It has grossed $101 million which has caused it to become the highest grossing  concert documentary ever. |rating: High Brow Brilliant

Can we really head into the Holiday season without a good, clean, fun, family law suit? “Homegirl has a lot of drama with her mom“. | rating: High Brow Despicable

Two  topics no one cares about bundled into one: Ridley Scott is working on a movie to begin filming next year about the downfall of the Gucci family dynasty. Talks of Angelina Jolie staring in the film as Patrizia Reggiani, Maurizio Gucci’s ex-wife, who’s currently serving a 26-year sentence for plotting his 1995 murder.
| rating: Low Brow, but still kind of Brilliant

Just what we’ve all been waiting for: Lady Gaga announcing she plans on launching a clothing line….’at some point’. | rating: Low Brow Despicable

H&M are collaborating with Jimmy Choo this year for their special “Deisgner for H&M” anual brew ha ha….Whatever no one cares. | rating: High Brow Despicable

I’ll continuously strive to do my absolute best at convincing you all that Fox News is not worthless. In one of Fox News’ top stories today they are so generously giving poor Linda Hogan the spotlight she deserves in order to clear the air of all the “lies” Hulk is saying about her. | rating: Low Brow Despicable

A&F spreads their infection into Italy and opened a store in Milan. Surprisingly enough women and men of all ages swooned over all the models instead of vomiting.
| rating: High Brow Despicable


2 responses to “Taylor Swift is Prejudice, Linsday Lohan Likes Boys Again, and Fox News Proving Their Worthiness.

  1. OMG! You hit the nail on the head! Annoying portraying annoying! This is too much! Irony at it’s finest! Definitely high-brow brilliant fabulous!!!

  2. your invention of the “brow”…high or low, is brilliant in and of itself! oooh the way your mind works..i do do do love my little cardie

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