Beware of the Snug

Snuggies are kind of an enigma to me, they get a lot of hype but really aren’t even that cozy and are pretty strange. Snuggies are like backwards robes, except they aren’t big enough. I would probably much rather throw my rob on backwards if I was trying to cuddle up and still have my hands free. I cannot  imagine how this silly little blanket thing has caused so much hype and gotten so much attention. The infomercials are ridiculous and people just look down right obnoxious covered up in these things. Why can’t people just quietly veg out in front of their TVs on a cold evening and periodically lift there hand out of under the covers in order to eat their cookies? Only in America can you see something like this…


2 responses to “Beware of the Snug

  1. I want to have a snuggie party! They even have doggie snuggies now! How cute is that??????

  2. Can anyone look creepier in a snuggie thatn Al Rocker??

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