Today’s Mister Potato Head

When I was a youngin’ we played with Mr. Potato Heads. They were these brownish round shaped huge heads that also served as bodies with holes at their feet, arms, and head. You could interchange their feet, hands, hair and facial features. Today’s children get to play with Labbits. A similar idea, but slightly creepier in that the labbit is a strange little rabbit that has holes in its mouth. With the Labbit doll you can stick various items in its mouth and hang things off of it’s ears. There is also a hole in its rear end, God only knows why. The rabbit creature is sleek and modern looking but has no apparent purpose.


One response to “Today’s Mister Potato Head

  1. sneaks jose de jacobsen

    these arent for children car, they’re for nerdy/artsy middle aged men

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