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French Open

This time last year, I first began paying attention Karlie Kloss and couldn’t really grasp why anyone would use her in ads. She’s good on the runway I guess, but is pretty blah in most ads. This year, however, she has done some great work. She closed the Lanvin show this past February and opened and closed the Oscar De la Renta Couture show in June. In October Vogue featured Karlie in an editorial alongside French tennis star, Gael Monfils, styled by Grace Coddington, nonetheless. She is only 17 and is now the face of John Galliano for Dior Spring 2010 campaign. She’s no Lara Stone or anything, but she hasn’t modeled for Victoria’s Secret……yet.

89ce3e04.jpg image by sdlnoir

Karlie Kloss | Valentino Couture | Vogue US Oct 2009

Karlie in Chanel Haute Couture


Lara Stone


Lara Stone has modeled for Victoria Secret incase anyone was wondering.

Killing Zoe

Every once and while I like to take a minute out of the day to praise Julie Delpy. I just love her, she is french, and wear the same eye glasses, so that is is exciting. I recently used an image of her from Killing Zoe on a trend board and remembered how funny that movie was. Not the best movie she was ever in, but its definitely a good one. It’s supposed to be dark, about the powers and downfalls of heroin and prostitution,but some parts of the movie are just hilarious. Deply plays a prostitute who falls in love with Eric Stoltz’s character. She really is cute even as a hooker, Stotlz is in Paris to rob a bank with an old heroin addict friend of his and when things go awry while robbing the bank they realize Zoe works there. Basically the entire movie takes place during the bank robbing and each one of the bank robbers from their clan are hilarious in their own way you just have to watch it. The movie as a whole kind of sucked and they should have given Delpy more scene, but its one of Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary’s earlier works. It’s worth netflixin’ at least.

Obsession: Acne Atacoma Wedgies

I first saw them in Acne’s pre-fall collection, then on Alexa Chung, and then on like every blog. Now I am hopelessly obsessed. At first my problem wasn’t so bad, I only saw the two toned Black leather with Brown leather platforms. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, but I did think life would go one with out them because I didn’t have a spare $480 laying around.

That was until I laid eyes upon the Black leather with metal platform version. After that it was all over, I googled them every single day and constantly checked ebay for them. I was in even worse trouble because now  my problem was I didn’t have a spare $645 laying around, and they were sold out everywhere.

Jeffrey Campbell did us all the world’s most annoying favor by ‘knocking’ them off in a lame black faux snake skin leather, zip front, and conveniently left out the metal platform. Valiant effort, Jeffrey, but they were pretty ugly. His version retailed for only $109, but it just would of been a horrible reminder of the shoes that could have been.

Alexa Chung wearing black Acne "Atacoma" lace up wedge ankle booties with silver heel

99 Zip Wedge

Jeffrey Campbell 99′ Wedge, $109.00

Pageant Kids: The Apocalypse

Earlier this week, I said that Miley Cyrus was a definite reminder of the coming Apocalypse. However, I got ahead of myself because even more so are pageant kids. Seriously though, what is creepier than a group of pageant kids? Are they mini muscle builders? Are they Aliens? You don’t want to look them directly in the eyes, but you cannot help but stare in amazement.

As if the entire notion of baby beauty pageants are not creepy enough now-a-days pageant kids are so popular I’m afraid a lot of people are starting to see it as normal and they even have a reality show dedicated to this horrific demographic on TLC. They used to be kinda cute, maybe, but now it’s just out of control they are fake tanned, teased hair, bleached teethed little Umpa Lumpas taking over North America one Mid-Western city at a time. Miley Cyrus is nothing compared to these little monsters. Only in Papua New Guinea is is acceptable to dress up little kids to look like creepy adults about to take over the world.

Worst Dressed: Britney

I really don’t want to hate on Brit twice in one week, but really? Anyone surprised? Didn’t think so. She just makes it too easy time and time again and there is no denying it, she is one of the worst dressed celebrities. Like I said earlier this week, Britney needs to go out spend some of her millions, take a lesson from Gaga, wear beautiful high fashion clothing and people will distracted from her horrible songs and bad weave. The only that saves a horrible song is a good video. The only thing that saves a horrible video, is looking fabulous. They will start questioning her relevance in pop culture again and comparing her to today’s Madonna.People will suddenly stop criticizing and starting saying, “You go Girl, look at you wearing the new Alexander McQueen collection in your video…hmm I think I might actually like this song?” Maybe not, but a little more style sense wouldn’t hurt anything. The new comeback style is definitely a vast improvement form her troublesome days, but she is just one of the celebrities who cant look halfway decent without a stylist and hair and makeup team.


Best Dressed: Kate Moss

I still think Kate Moss is hands down one of the best dressed celebrities. Maybe it’s because I aspire to have style like her and tell myself all the time that I do. Who knows, but she always dressed fantastically, always looks as if she rolled out of bed into a great outfit and let’s face it she really could put the most fabulous outfit together while somnambulating.

I mean lets be serious, Kate  has more money than god knows who and she always pairs topshop with YSL and thrift with Lanvin, she always dresses in her own aesthetic that is anything but bourgeoisie. It really is cantankerous too, because I love Kate Moss so much but the cuter she gets the more I resent her, c’mon what girl isnt even a little jelly of Kate? She has the ‘imprefected’ perfection down, naturally beautiful, has an amazing body and callipygian curves. She is always on top of every trend that immediately undulates through the fashion community and always reinvents her look. She is by far the best dressed celebrity in my book and one of my favorite blogs is entirely dedicated to her.

Kate Moss British Fashion Awards held at the Royal Courts of Justice.