1, 2, 3…

I keep trying to like Britney again, keep hoping the Circus comeback craze will continue and I can think back on the good ole days of my childhood when she first took over the world. Now, all I really think she has to do take a page out of GaGa’s book and spend her hard earned money one something worthwhile for a video like, Alexander McQueen, to distract  me from the horrible song playing. Sadly enough her newest video, 3 , was quite a let down. I just kept hoping for a few great dance sequences to get inspired by, but there was really not a lot of dancing. There was more holding onto bars in leotards, doing Lil’ Kim-like thigh movements. She barely shows off her dancing talent and the only thing good about it was that she looks good again and had on great shoes. However, Britney has been known to wear Louboutin’s, I will give her that much.


Everyone’s time will probably be better spent watching this Korean music video on my thesoundandthecity.


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