10 Signs You Are an Urban Hipster

1. You bought, modeled or had anything at all to do with the “Sex-Confident Moustache” calendar for 2010.

2. You wear glasses without lenses, or even worse with fake plastic lenses that do not block sunlight.

3. Your fashion inspiration comes straight out of a Jurassic Park movie.

4. Feathered headresses are part of your daily wardrobe  and you are not Native American.

5. You drink PBR while showering.

6. You think Scrunchies are “retro”, and you bought a new collection of them from American Apparel.

7. You will do absolutely anything in your power to grow a beard.

8. You have a mullet hair cut on purpose, and probably paid a lot of money to obtain it at a trendy salon.

9. You name things after Morrissey songs.

10. You look like this guy…


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