Miley Cyrus and the Apocalypse

It would only be right that the child of Billy Ray Cyrus would bring images into my mind of the Apocalypse. There are few things that make me think the world is ending when  I think about her popularity and relevance in today’s pop culture. The number one reason is she was born with the name, Destiny.  Apocalypse..Destiny….???? Not to mention her extreme fame and power over young, impressionable minds. I’m extremely terrified that the future great women of this nation  are being raised in a world where Miley Cyrus is considered cool and makes good music. I have this reoccurring thought that little girls all around the country are going to morph into her obnoxious presence and start multiplying. If we don’t get a female president soon before the ‘Miley Cyrus Generation’ takes over we are doomed forever. I know this post about Miley Cyrus sounds sarcastic, but I am actually kind of afraid. I think she is a clear sign of the coming Apocalypse.


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