This Post is Dedicated to the Color Red

Now, normally I would never be condoning as the idea that you should be wearing anything, but black…However, I’ve recently decided that black has the potential to look even better with the color Red. Red, is a bright color that isn’t obnoxious when worn properly, and how I came to this conclusion has nothing to do with Valentino or Christmas. It’s actually very pretty and two recent events have changed my mind about the color Red forever…Gala Gonzales, one of my favorite bloggers and style icons, who always is seen in black, recently wore a bright red beautiful evening gown to an event and she looked stunning. I used to think only Red looked on Redheads and that they only wore it because it was the only color they could wear and because black made them look even more like vampires. The next life changing moment about the color Red was seeing the Chanel Pre-Fall 2010 collection, Karl gave us some amazing Red pieces that I cannot even put into words for the Shanghai show.

Gala Gonzales |

Chanel Pre- Fall 2010

One response to “This Post is Dedicated to the Color Red

  1. I love those zip front boots!

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