Best Dressed: Kate Moss

I still think Kate Moss is hands down one of the best dressed celebrities. Maybe it’s because I aspire to have style like her and tell myself all the time that I do. Who knows, but she always dressed fantastically, always looks as if she rolled out of bed into a great outfit and let’s face it she really could put the most fabulous outfit together while somnambulating.

I mean lets be serious, Kate  has more money than god knows who and she always pairs topshop with YSL and thrift with Lanvin, she always dresses in her own aesthetic that is anything but bourgeoisie. It really is cantankerous too, because I love Kate Moss so much but the cuter she gets the more I resent her, c’mon what girl isnt even a little jelly of Kate? She has the ‘imprefected’ perfection down, naturally beautiful, has an amazing body and callipygian curves. She is always on top of every trend that immediately undulates through the fashion community and always reinvents her look. She is by far the best dressed celebrity in my book and one of my favorite blogs is entirely dedicated to her.

Kate Moss British Fashion Awards held at the Royal Courts of Justice.


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