Killing Zoe

Every once and while I like to take a minute out of the day to praise Julie Delpy. I just love her, she is french, and wear the same eye glasses, so that is is exciting. I recently used an image of her from Killing Zoe on a trend board and remembered how funny that movie was. Not the best movie she was ever in, but its definitely a good one. It’s supposed to be dark, about the powers and downfalls of heroin and prostitution,but some parts of the movie are just hilarious. Deply plays a prostitute who falls in love with Eric Stoltz’s character. She really is cute even as a hooker, Stotlz is in Paris to rob a bank with an old heroin addict friend of his and when things go awry while robbing the bank they realize Zoe works there. Basically the entire movie takes place during the bank robbing and each one of the bank robbers from their clan are hilarious in their own way you just have to watch it. The movie as a whole kind of sucked and they should have given Delpy more scene, but its one of Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary’s earlier works. It’s worth netflixin’ at least.


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