Obsession: Acne Atacoma Wedgies

I first saw them in Acne’s pre-fall collection, then on Alexa Chung, and then on like every blog. Now I am hopelessly obsessed. At first my problem wasn’t so bad, I only saw the two toned Black leather with Brown leather platforms. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, but I did think life would go one with out them because I didn’t have a spare $480 laying around.

That was until I laid eyes upon the Black leather with metal platform version. After that it was all over, I googled them every single day and constantly checked ebay for them. I was in even worse trouble because now  my problem was I didn’t have a spare $645 laying around, and they were sold out everywhere.

Jeffrey Campbell did us all the world’s most annoying favor by ‘knocking’ them off in a lame black faux snake skin leather, zip front, and conveniently left out the metal platform. Valiant effort, Jeffrey, but they were pretty ugly. His version retailed for only $109, but it just would of been a horrible reminder of the shoes that could have been.

Alexa Chung wearing black Acne "Atacoma" lace up wedge ankle booties with silver heel

99 Zip Wedge

Jeffrey Campbell 99′ Wedge, $109.00


3 responses to “Obsession: Acne Atacoma Wedgies

  1. JC did a limited edition with the LF store of the atacoma wedges with the metal bottom, not as pretty as the originals though. They might still be in the store

  2. Acne atacoma are back in stock now!

    😀 I bought them yesterday!!

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