Pageant Kids: The Apocalypse

Earlier this week, I said that Miley Cyrus was a definite reminder of the coming Apocalypse. However, I got ahead of myself because even more so are pageant kids. Seriously though, what is creepier than a group of pageant kids? Are they mini muscle builders? Are they Aliens? You don’t want to look them directly in the eyes, but you cannot help but stare in amazement.

As if the entire notion of baby beauty pageants are not creepy enough now-a-days pageant kids are so popular I’m afraid a lot of people are starting to see it as normal and they even have a reality show dedicated to this horrific demographic on TLC. They used to be kinda cute, maybe, but now it’s just out of control they are fake tanned, teased hair, bleached teethed little Umpa Lumpas taking over North America one Mid-Western city at a time. Miley Cyrus is nothing compared to these little monsters. Only in Papua New Guinea is is acceptable to dress up little kids to look like creepy adults about to take over the world.


2 responses to “Pageant Kids: The Apocalypse

  1. Hideous little beastly brats!

  2. they look like grown up heands on little bodies! Yuk and creepy!

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