Worst Dressed: Britney

I really don’t want to hate on Brit twice in one week, but really? Anyone surprised? Didn’t think so. She just makes it too easy time and time again and there is no denying it, she is one of the worst dressed celebrities. Like I said earlier this week, Britney needs to go out spend some of her millions, take a lesson from Gaga, wear beautiful high fashion clothing and people will distracted from her horrible songs and bad weave. The only that saves a horrible song is a good video. The only thing that saves a horrible video, is looking fabulous. They will start questioning her relevance in pop culture again and comparing her to today’s Madonna.People will suddenly stop criticizing and starting saying, “You go Girl, look at you wearing the new Alexander McQueen collection in your video…hmm I think I might actually like this song?” Maybe not, but a little more style sense wouldn’t hurt anything. The new comeback style is definitely a vast improvement form her troublesome days, but she is just one of the celebrities who cant look halfway decent without a stylist and hair and makeup team.






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