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Spiritual Experience

Once in while beautiful things can create religious-like experiences even for the most agnostic of individuals. This song did this for me.


suedebags of the week



Meet Cameron, $82.00, and available in three colors although this is the best- you can find them all here.

Meet Alyssa, a super sexy  a far off cousin of Alexander Wang with a zipper all along the side and bottom in the true spirit of Wang himself. A very distant cousin, because this inspired AMAZING faux leather satchel is only $94.00! Alyssa has some beautiful sisters of her own: Beige, Cognac, and Grey.

This is Kaitlyn, she is walking in the footsteps of a beloved Chanel handbag and she is absolutely adorable in black and grey and she only sets you back eighty bucks.

Margo is doesn’t need an introduction because you can see her for yourself, and get this- she is $94.00.

Last but not least, this is Keira, she is small. She is versatile, She is STUNNING. She is eighty-six american dollars.

Today’s Mister Potato Head

When I was a youngin’ we played with Mr. Potato Heads. They were these brownish round shaped huge heads that also served as bodies with holes at their feet, arms, and head. You could interchange their feet, hands, hair and facial features. Today’s children get to play with Labbits. A similar idea, but slightly creepier in that the labbit is a strange little rabbit that has holes in its mouth. With the Labbit doll you can stick various items in its mouth and hang things off of it’s ears. There is also a hole in its rear end, God only knows why. The rabbit creature is sleek and modern looking but has no apparent purpose.


So if you can stand to have these little doll like bottles quietly lurking in your boudoir, they actually smell pretty good. I don’t quite grasp the intention behind the doll bottles fora product not marketed towards an eleven year old, but the scent itself with probably sell it. There are five scents in total from Gewn Stefani’s perfume line, but the best one is probably, G. G is supposedly the doll representing Stefani herself and therefore the most popular scent. Beware G is heavy on the coconut, but kind of limey scent. The packaging is really cute the bottle is a nice size.

It’s What’s On the Inside

If you thought that Twilight was finished spreading their magic into various Twilightrelated products all over the world, you were wrong. The lastest and the greatest fromTwilight is New Moon Chocolates! Twilight is getting into every nook and cranny possible and these little treats are extra special because on the mini sized chocolate bars are the faces of three of the characters form the movie. Reaching into the bag of candy, one can be filled with anticipation as they grab around in hopes of either pulling out a peanut butter filled Jacob, and Caramel filled Edward, or a cream filled Bella. YEs, I am completely serious. The candy was alright I guess, but I only tried a Jacobbecause Edward bars were hard to come by in the bag and the Bella just sounded nasty.

Marquise D Lipstick by MAC

MAC Lustre “Marquise D” Lipstick..This is a beautiful peach nudey shade from MAC’s From the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead Collection. I love this shade and it is currently discontinued in the MAC cosmetic line. It’s an easy shade that can be worn in the daytime, thrown on without even a mirror. Its only a tad bit shimmery, but what is great about MAC lipsticks, this color in general is that it doesn’t give you that “caked” on lipstick look. It actually moisturizes your lips and MAC cosmetics are very reasonably priced. It’s too bad MAC discounted this sexy lip wear.

MAC Lustre Lipstick - Marquise D - Discontinued