suedefeet of the week

suedefoot is back and better than ever

Off of a long hiatus I’ll be bloggin again fresh out of the Academy of Art, fresh to the  industry, and more excited than ever!

How to wear a Ponchirt

I’m a huge fan of the the cape and the packet (poncho/jacket). Now it gets really good because we have a ponchirt.

complex geometrics seen @ dirtyflaws.

Shorty’s M.A.G.I.C.A.L. pants

This girl was wearing some rad pants and working them with some equestrian booties at M.A.G.I.C. in February She really didn’t to be photographed, but I got her anyway.

ACNE shoe obsession

Acne makes the kind of shoes that inspire a whole day, i love these.

2009: Kate and the Gypsies

Kate and the Gypsies

I am in love with this editorial.
Styling by Karen Langley   Model: Kate Moss Photography by Iain McKell

2008: Istanbul

W Magazine September Issue 2008, Featuring Lara Stonew0908lara03qq0.jpg