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Spiritual Experience

Once in while beautiful things can create religious-like experiences even for the most agnostic of individuals. This song did this for me.



About a month ago, I was lucky enough to see one of my all time favorite bands. If you are regular visitor to suedefoot then you already know I’m a hardcore Pixies fan. They are currently on tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Doolittle album. The Fox Theatre in Oakland it has a lot of character, we were actually blown away walking inside, just the bar is great before you even go into the show. It has a dark, medieval, Eastern European aesthetic and very small and cozy. The ceilings are all gold and ornate and on each side of the stage are two huge Buddhas. We had a great spot just to the right of the stage, but as the opening band, who was so absolutely horrible I can’t even remember their name, began we made our way down to center stage for better acoustics, we stayed clear of the mosh pits though. It was great because they played all the hits not just off of Doolittle and they opened the show by playing the film Un chien andalou, of course.

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